Adnet Business and process solutions 2022 Illustrations Merchandise Stationery The main activity of Adnet is the development of software in large systems for the production and distribution of electricity, based on the application of modern IT technologies.

Što sam naučio na planini

Što sam naučio na planini Milan Majerović-Stilinović 2020 Cover design Book layout Posters Publisher: Libricon

World Rowing Cup

World Rowing Cup Croatian Rowing AssociationHrvatski veslački savez 2020, 2021 posters billboards banners maps team manual presentations accreditations

Prašina u vjetru

Prašina u vjetru Croatian Writers SocietyHrvatsko društvo pisacaBeatblioteka  2017 Cover design Author: Gary SnyderEditors: Kruno Lokotar, Vojo Šindolić

Predsoblje noći

Predsoblje noći Croatian Writers SocietyHrvatsko društvo pisacaBeatblioteka  2019 Cover design Author: Michael McClureEditor: Kruno Lokotar

Krajolici živih i mrtvih

Krajolici živih i mrtvih Croatian Writers SocietyHrvatsko društvo pisaca Beatblioteka  2015 Cover design Book layout Author: Lawrence FerlinghettiEditor: Kruno Lokotar

Mixed up Mary

Mixed up Mary Umolomni 2018 CD Digipack Poster Lyrics & Vocals: Ana LovrenčićProducer: Konrad LovernčićIllustration: Dragica Dada Modrić